Pawn Loans

Pawn Loans in Odessa & Midland, TX

Pawn loans offer a convenient way to get extra cash when you need it. At Big Tex Pawn Shop in Odessa, TX, we offer collateral loans on quality items. Once we agree upon a price, we will pay you the money, keeping the item as collateral until you pay back the loan, with interest.

For more detailed information about how our loans work, read below or stop by our shop. We are here to answer any questions that you might have and go over our acceptance policy. If you're short on cash at the moment, a pawn loan might be just what you need. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured for your peace of mind.

How Our Pawn Loans Work in Odessa, TX

If you're looking for a simple way to obtain a loan that doesn't involve a credit check, a pawn loan could be the right option for you. At Big Tex Pawn, we work with our clients to reach a mutual agreement that satisfies all parties. 

For a pawn loan, we evaluate items based on the age, condition, and market demand to determine a fair loan amount. Once we agree on a loan amount, we will draw up a contract that includes the loan amount, a repayment date, and an interest rate. Then you’ll immediately receive cash. 

Once you pay back the loan, we will return your item to you. 
3 hundred dollar bills next to 8 rings and 3 bracelets.
Learn about our pawn loans today!
In the Odessa & Midland , TX region, one shop is known for superior service when it comes to pawn loans. If you're looking for a reputable dealer to do business with, consider Big Tex Pawn Shop. 

Big Tex Pawn Shop proudly serves the Odessa community and surrounding areas with firearm transfers, gun sales, pawn loans, and more. We buy and sell gold, silver, jewelry, tools, guns, electronics, and more since 1991. Choose Big Tex Pawn Shop for all of your pawn store needs!
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