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Come see us for all of your pawn shop needs!

Pawn Loans in Odessa, TX

Pawn loans Odessa, TX Big Tex Pawn Shop in Odessa, TX has been selling pawn shop car audio equipment, pawn shop guns, jewelry, musical instruments, tools, etc...and offering pawn loans since 1991.  Locally owned and operated for over 20 years, Big Tex Pawn has a friendly West Texas staff that can't wait to assist you.  We offer top dollar for your items.  We buy, sell, trade and loan on a large selection of goods.

Need a cash loan quick? We offer pawn loans of up to $1300 for a single item.  You bring in your item and we'll loan you money.  Pawn loans are an easy and fast way to get the money you need right away.  We are fully licensed, bonded and insured.  And even better, there is never a credit check or application.  Our friendly, knowledgeable staff has over 60 years of experience right here in Odessa!

We offer pawn loans to get you cash quickly!

Sometimes you just need an extra few bucks to make it until your next check or an unexpected expense arises.  That's where Big Tex Pawn comes in. Bring in an item such as a firearm, jewelry, musical instruments or electronic equipment, car audio, etc...  We can give you a pawn loan to get you the cash you need when you need it.  Our friendly staff will assist you with a loan or sale and provide you with a fair quote.  We also accept used power tools and equipment.  We give pawn loans as well as buy, sell and trade a wide range of products.

Is a Pawn Shop that right place to find that special item?

pawn shop car audio Odessa, TX We carry a wide variety of firearms from a number of quality manufacturers.  We know Texas values.  When you come to our store to look at jewelry, you might find the electronics or a tool that you've been searching for but never thought of a pawn shop as the place to find it. 

Interested in a car stereo or speaker box? We're the place to look.  There's no downside! Tools? You bet! Great selection and a clean, friendly atmosphere.  We will special order pawn shop guns, speakers, musical instruments, whatever you are searching for.  We will gladly assist you in your firearms transfer as well.

Come check out our selection of pawn shop car audio!

We have a huge selection of subwoofers, speakers and CD players. All of our prices are affordable. You won't find a better deal on pawn shop car audio equipment than you will find at Big Tex Pawn Shop.

Think of Big Tex Pawn Shop for all your needs in West Texas.  Located in Odessa and easily reached from anywhere in the Permian Basin.  In addition to making loans, we buy and sell jewelry, gold and silver, guns, car audio equipment.  Almost anything of value!

Can I get cash for things I no longer need or use?

pawn shop guns Odessa, TX Absolutely, come see us! Whether it's a pistol you've had locked in the safe, or lawn equipment you just don't need right now, we're the pawnbroker to get you the most for your item.  A pawnshop isn't just a pawnshop, it's an opportunity to save some money, or get some cash in your wallet.

Round up that unused handgun, grab the electric guitar you never learned to play, and remember to bring that necklace you never wear and head over to Big Tex Pawn Shop, where reliable Pawn Broker is a title we're proud of.  If you would like to buy a quality firearm (and that's the only kind we carry!) or you would just like to browse the jewelry, we are the right choice for you! Big Tex Pawn Shop is the pawn shop in Odessa, TX. 

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Big Tex Pawn Shop provides pawn loans in Odessa, TX. We have a huge selection of pawn shop car audio. We have some of the best brands of car audio equipment in stock including subwoofers, headunits and speakers.. We also have pawn shop guns available. If you need money quick and have collateral, call us today and we can make a deal!

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Big Tex Pawn Shop

2323 N County Rd W
ODS 79763

This place is more than willing to take your gun with a P.O. box on your ID but what they won't tell you is it cannot be retrieved from them without your ID having a physical address. Now granted I needed the money but why would they take it knowing this?

Pros: Great prices on everything!

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Business Owner Response

Hi, you can pawn a firearm with a post office box on your ID but you have to have a government document which shows your name and legal residential address to pick back up. This is a federal law. We have to adhere to the laws in place. You should have been told when we received the firearm. I'm very sorry if that wasn't made clear. We try to let everyone know what the procedure is to retrieve your firearm before the loan is generated. The laws for redemption are the same as for purchasing a firearm. We appreciate your feedback and will work with our staff on making sure this is addressed for the future. Thank you. Rhonda O'Neal, owner

Sep 10, 2014

Big Tex Pawn Shop

2323 N County Rd W
ODS 79763

have purchased 5 guns in last 2 years. bought a colt m-4 22 caliber that was so dirty it would not fire. 55.00 pro cleaning. bought a Taurus new. ok. bought shot gun. ok bought a s&w pistol didn't know it was used. till purchased paid retail for used. wasn't happy. recently purchased a citadel 45 , didn't know it was used, till purchased, find out the safty is broken and not safe to fire. has been repaired by a gun smith and new parts are on order. 25.00 and another 45.00 60.00 to come. wont be a 6th purchase. also paid what I could buy it new online. usedddddddd not new. my advise mark your attached tickets USED. and charge used prices. you might keep the next customer

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Business Owner Response

I am so very sorry you had issues. Please allow me to try and win back your business. I would be happy to work with you and see if we could rectify any problems. I was able to look up the purchases you made. We guarantee all of our firearms to fire and function. Rhonda

Dec 24, 2013
By: superdave

Big Tex Pawn Shop

2323 N County Rd W
ODS 79763

Great place to do buisness with.Will get you what you want at a price you can afford

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Oct 10, 2011
By: yote

Big Tex Pawn Shop

Wed Jan 21 14:23:00 EST 2015

We offer pawn loans of up to $1,300 for a single item. Call us to learn more. 

Audio Equipment:
Sat Jan 17 14:22:00 EST 2015

Stop by and check out our great selection of subwoofers, speakers, and CD players!

Need Extra Cash?
Wed Jan 14 14:12:00 EST 2015

We'll give you top dollar for old jewelry, muscial instruments, or firearms. Bring them all in!

Wed Jan 07 14:07:00 EST 2015

Have a pleasant experience with us? We're glad to hear that! Please leave a "tip" for others on our Foursquare page:

Be open-minded:
Wed Dec 10 14:29:00 EST 2014

We are! Bring in whatever it is you want to sell, and keep us in mind when you're shopping for a specific something. 

Thu Dec 04 13:48:00 EST 2014

Don't hesitate to contact our professional and knowledgeable staff with anything you need to know. Give us a call: (432) 332-9653. 

Happy Thanksgiving!
Thu Nov 27 13:40:00 EST 2014

Our staff hopes you have an enjoyable Thanksgiving feast with friends and family!

What do you need?
Thu Nov 20 13:46:00 EST 2014

Whether it's to shop or sell, we can help you out. Our pawn shop pays you cash for your items. When it comes to shopping around, our staff would be happy to help you find what you're looking for too! 

Tue Nov 18 13:43:00 EST 2014

Check us out on Google+:

We pay in cash!
Mon Nov 03 15:16:00 EST 2014

No matter what you have around that's just collecting dust, you'll walk away with cash if its valuable. Give us a call at (432) 332-9653 or stop by our N County Rd location.

We are on the corner of 24th and West County Road in Odessa, Tx

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